About Us

Product Innovator Ltd provides training, tools and consultancy in Product Management.   Irish and international clients include Government Agencies, Universities, Technology Incubation Centres, and both established and early stage companies.

Product Management is a key organisational function that manages a product through all stages of the product lifecycle, from idea generation to end of life, spanning both product development and marketing functions. 

The product manager must engage with the market to establish market needs.  They must also interact with all functional departments in the organisation, to establish and drive objectives, strategies, tasks and deliverables within the organisation to maximise the potential success of their products and services in the market place.

Following a product management process ensures that companies:

  • Identify the right market
  • Identify the right customer
  • Build the right product
  • Clearly articulate the business value of their product to their target market
  • Deliver the product to the customer through the most effective channels and business models
  • Know when to abandon efforts, and cease investment in a non-viable product or service

Implemented correctly, product management is vital to product success.

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