Product Innovator provides training courses for Product Management, Commercialisation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Participants can enrol in scheduled courses or these courses can be conducted on-site at your company. These training programmes can also be customised to suit your organisation’s individual requirements.


“The main reason why I attended the product management course was to re-fresh my knowledge about product management. It is a while (3-4 years) since I worked in this area and we are planning to productize some ideas in the near future.

I enjoyed the course very much and found it very helpful.”

Martin Bolsinger, Danu Technologies

“Overall it provided a lot of inspiration”

Patrick Broe,  Product Manager Ocuco

“I found that the course helped me to get some perspective on the breadth of responsibilities and interfaces for a Product Manager. I particularly enjoyed the pieces on Strategic Pricing and Market Analysis as lots of helpful information here and I feel like I have a good basis to explore these aspects further with management here in the company..”

Siobhan Maughan, Product Manager, Openet

“Insightful and Informative. It gave me a very full picture on how to get a new product to market “the right way” from the VERY beginning.  I hope I can put it to practical use for our new venture.”

Conor Hoey, Innovios

“I thought it was useful to hear your real life experiences from Iona and those from the other participants.”

Peter O’Halloran, Branded Payment Solutions

“Many thanks for the excellent course. It was a lot of use in regards to user feedback and organising requirements”

Richard Pike, Chief Product Strategist, Risk & Compliance,  ARC Logics™, a Wolters Kluwer business

“We were shown methods that I now use properly in my daily work and for new challenges I am also better equipped and more confident. You do the exercises with your own products so you get your work done as you learn. It is excellent return for your time investment.”

Carmen Diez Rodriguez, Technical Product Manager, Sage Ireland

“The course had been tailored for the specific needs of an international organisation with strong political influences. The most effective aspects of the training were the references to real world facts that captured the attention of the participants and stimulated them to think where the proposed examples could best fit into our own environments. We feel we have left the training with new tools to be used in our business. Some of us have started new initiatives just the day after the training ended and used the vocabularly and the approach learned.”

Marco Fais, The Hague, The Netherlands

“I found the Product Management course very informative. It covers all aspects of the role, from product concept, through development, and on to marketing and support. It is a valuable learning exercise for anyone who has recently been promoted to the role of product manager. The two-day schedule is ideal, affording adequate time to cover all the key elements, while not impacting significantly on current work commitments. Mary has a wealth of experience in the area, and the combination of formal presentation in conjunction with informal discussion worked very well.”

Aengus Connolly, MCS

“An excellent course with a clear insight into all aspects of Product Management. The course material is practical, concise and well delivered – ideal for all levels of Product Management experience.”

Dave Fitzgibbon, CUSPPoint

“Product Innovator helped us to focus on developing and improving our product and marketing strategies.  They also assisted in product development processes and how we can implement such processes and improvements. We highly recommend Product Innovator and would certainly work with them again.”

Louise MacNamee, Martin McKay, TextHELP

“The Product Innovator course was a useful introduction to the role of Product Manager and the tools obtained during the course will enable new and existing Product Managers to better position their products within the marketplace”.

Rozy Corry, Audio Processing Technology

“Product Innovator’s Product Management course is a valuable introduction to the principles of product management.  Recommended for professionals moving into the challenging role of software product management.”

James Ahern, Daon

“Product Innovator’s Product Management course is both an excellent refresher for the experienced Product Manager and a useful overview of Product Management concepts to those new to the discipline”.

Michael Bowler, Openet

“Thank you for the excellent course over the last couple of days. It is a great wake-up call to remind us of what we actually should be spending our time on – I will certainly be applying a lot of the material in my own role.“

Richard Kingston, Enterprise Consultant,City-Learning Ltd.

“I found the two days to be well structured and thought provoking. I’d like to have done the course years earlier as it would have helped our company to avoid many common (and obvious) mistakes.”

John Wall, CEO, GxP Systems

“This course clearly described the role of Product Management with respect to the Software business. Case studies were used to illustrate some of the key concepts and Product Innovators also described how the Product Management lifecycle integrates with typical Product Development lifecycles. ”

Paul Bohan, APC

“The ROI on spending two days in the classroom was well worth the time invested”

JB McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer, Orion Audit Management

“The course is a very well structured course covering a large array of topics which must be considered by any company attempting to market a software product.  The combination of practical experience of the presenter combined with interaction with other companies facing similar challenges results in a very focussed and highly beneficial two days.”

Michael Kelsey,

“Mary thanks for delivering a thoroughly informative course for us. The commercialisation of software is complex process to work through. Your has given us the tools and techniques to better enable us to bring our offering to market. Anyone who is planning to launch a software product should attend this course. It may well help you to avoid making some very expensive mistakes!”

John Dineen, Director, c2.

“The two-day Product Management Course was certainly worth my while. It gave a very good high level overview of the concept of getting products to market”

John Lynch, Mentec

“For someone starting out in Product Management, the course was very beneficial, and definitely steered me in the right direction. The chance to work with (and hear the experiences of) a diverse collection of peers (from startups to multinationals) was a nice added bonus. Many thanks to Mary…. Highly recommended!”

Dave Ewing, Narraganssett

“I found the Product Management course excellent. The content is comprehensive, logical, very informative and well presented. I picked up some very good insights and new ideas and ways of thinking about product strategy, pricing and positioning in particular.

Willie O’Brien, Robiac”

Immediately after the course, using just one tip from the trainer, I managed to save about 10 – 15 days on my timescales”.

 Paul O’Kane, Venture Manager, BT

“The Product Innovator Product Mangement course was an excellent and detailed analysis of the true role of a product Manager within a modern software house. In particular the common sense and pragmatic approach which avoided getting too  bogged down into methodologies was very useful and refreshing”.

John Whelan, Co-Founder, Alatto

“I highly recommend this course to anyone currently involved in product management or someone new to it. It is very well presented, delivers a clear understanding of the complete process, and uses practical exercises and interactive sessions  to demonstrate each phase.

Terry Williams, Lake Communications

“The content of the course is excellent, and the way is driven is first class. All in one its a course that delivers experience and tools which can be used in a day to day basis to create and manage our products effectively.

Bernardo O’Neill, Lake Communications”

“The Product Management course provided a very good overview of product management responsibilities and helped me understand how I can contribute in a greater way towards the development of products within my organisation. I would recommend the course for all new product managers and senior development team members.”

Ronan O’Dulaing, Changing Worlds

“The Product Innovator course not only provides an excellent grounding in the key principles of software product management at different levels, but is also an excellent forum for discussion with industry peers and for shared experience. Thanks!”

Finn McCann, Products Director, Cape Technologies

“The Product Management course was of great value as it put the whole area of Product Management into the context of the wider organisation.   The practical examples and workshop sessions cemented the theory and encouraged wider discussion.”

Shane McDermott, Tibus

“This course is an excellent primer to the art of product management. I found both Mary and Tony to be top-notch communicators who understand what it means to be a product manager and can explain it to others in an interesting and informative way.  Highly recommended.”

Stephen McAreavey, Lagan Technologies

‘The course was intense, relevant and thought provoking.  It has provided a sound foundation on which to develop and grow in my relatively new role as product manager.  Again, many thanks it was truly a beneficial course on my part.”

Karen Woest, Consilium Technologies

“The Product Management course from Product Innovator is a challenging and thoroughly valuable primer on product management. It balances background information with practical frameworks and models. Lots of practical advice on how to manage bringing product to market and effectively communicate product value to all stakeholders.”

Dundalk Course Attendee, June 2006

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand and implement key product management processes in their company.”

David Knapp, Mentec

“Excellent breadth and depth of the product management processes backed up by solid industry experience.  The course is valuable for both the experienced Product Manager as well as other functions in the organisation.”

Antoine Rey, Business Development Manager, welocalize

“An excellent course and two days well spent. (The presenters) were able to present Product Management as a structured discipline which requires clear and precise aims. They both obviously knew the field well and where able to bring real world experience of Product Management to the well structured course.”

Keith Bines, Chief Architect, Mapsys

“Very good overview of Product Management function. I would recommend the course to anybody in a software product management role“

John Doyle, Product Marketing Manager, ChangingWorlds Ltd.  

“I can’t recommend the Product Innovator – Product Management course highly enough – it really got us thinking about the structure of our company going forward, and the processes we should be getting formalized.  The product definition & positioning exercises will be of great interest to startup companies with brand new products and established companies launching new products”.

Niall Keane, Sykon Software Ltd

“Product Innovator’s Product Management course is the best description & explanation of what a Product Management’s role entails: responsibilities, role in the value chain & in the product lifecycle, interactions with internal and external parties. I highly recommend this course to any experienced Product Manager who wants to put a solid structure around its past experience to better build its own function, and to any novice Product Manager who simply want to learn rapidly and effectively about the job.”

Emmanuel Doubinsky, Cape Technologies

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the product management process, it is interactive, informative and Mary is an excellent presenter. Bringing to life some of the concepts by recounting stories of Mary’s own experience kept the audience interested.”

Bernie Farrell, Lionbridge

“Product Innovator covered a huge amount of ground in the two day intensive Product Management course. A very comprehensive, well delivered training course with plenty of real world insight. Highly recommended.”

Martin Clancy, Xiam

“The course provided an excellent blend of instruction, group discussion and class exercises which allowed the participants to put their learning experiences into practice with real-world examples. This training also allowed us to discuss our own products in relation to the key learning points which I found to be very beneficial.  ”

John Hughes, CEO, Baydon Solutions

“I gained immensely from the wealth of product management experiences condensed into this short course.  I left invigorated with new ideas and approaches to try on my own products.”

Fionnuala Callan, S3 Group Ltd.

“.. This is a very efficient course that lets one pick up a wealth of information in a short amount of time.”

Leo Blonk, Fotonation

“I would recommend this course, particularly for those companies who want to better manage their products and pricing.  This course gives a good introduction to the area of Product Management and the lecturer showed good knowledge and experience”.

Jill Holtz, Metis Solutions

“As a company currently re-examining our product positioning and gearing up for further major growth, this course was timely, appropriate and was very well researched and presented.”

Pearse Coyle, Zarion
“.. Of particular and timely interest to CP3 Group were the modules on Product Positioning and Pricing.  Both modules provided valuable input for the rollout of our online product/service.”

Niall Downey,

“The course encourages active class participation to create real world scenarios that reinforce the course content, and by using current practical examples each delegate can really get some insight into their own organisation’s product offering.”  

Chris Griffin, System Solutions

“A very practical guide to Product Management, enhanced by the opportunity to interact with other Product Innovators operating at the coal-face.”

Declan McCarthy

“Very informative and interactive 2 days – thanks again for a very useful course”.

Conor McKenna, Mobile Marketing Consultant

‘Very useful refresher course’ –  Elaine Doyle, Magnet Entertainment


“… it covered a lot of useful and relevant areas, particularly in relation to market research and identification, discovering and prioritising product requirements, and launching, marketing and delivering products.”

Oisín Ó Murchú, The Good Software Company

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