Innovate Validate Create

Innovation = Job Creation: Innovation leads to new products and new revenue streams, and ultimately, new jobs, which is of critical importance to the health of all of our economies.

Product Innovator has developed a number of services to enable the successful management and launch of new products and services.

Our superior process-driven framework for managing product innovation (Pablo Transformation Process™), and our highly skilled facilitation of Strategic Positioning workshops harnesses internal innovation to highlight a product or services’s unique value proposition.

Backed up with market research and qualified customer interest (via our Market Intelligence and Customer Insight Processes ™) our approach maximises the potential of delivering products and services that customers value.

This facilitated approach enables the client’s whole company to work together, to deliver world-class customer value.


  • Increase the potential success of your new product or service
  • Avoid making expensive mistakes when introducing new products or services to your customer base
  • Hear real customer feedback on what their pain points are and what they’re willing to spend money on
  • Understand where the ideal ‘fit’ for your product or service is, in your customers’ minds
  • Script an engaging value proposition and elevator pitch for your new product or service – to create a high-impact roll-out to your customer base
  • Launch your new product or service with early, inclusive customer engagement
  • Share your vision with your team, and harness their innovation to deliver world class customer value
  • ‘Knowledge is Power’: enable confident, informed strategic decision-making

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