Scope. Validate. Go.

Micro-Enterprise Intensive Innovation Management (for Entrepreneurs, Enterprise Boards and Incubation Programmes)

Aim / Objective:

Provide high-impact consultancy / mentoring session with SMEs, (ideally 2 to 3 attendees per company).


  • Introduction to Pablo Transformation ProcessTM
  • Identify SME’s stage in Product Lifecycle
  • Problem Scoping
  • Key Problem Focus
  • Next-step identification


  • Each SME will understand the product development lifecycle and what their current stage is
  • Articulation of SME’s key problem area
  • Identify Problem Resolution Steps
  • Identification of ‘Next Steps’ for each SME


  • Low-cost, high-impact introduction to innovation management, providing proven tools and processes
  • SMEs ‘work as they learn’ on their key issues/ problems
  • Identify strategically important next steps for each SME
  • Supportive environment, harnessing group innovation to address problem areas for each SME

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